((Re))-telling Stories

This AEWTASS – workshop for school classes and educators offers our participants a good opportunity to receive an overview of possible strategies, as to how to deconstruct inaccurate content found in Austrian teaching materials e.g. text books, films in respect to the African continent and the diaspora.

Media literacy in the context of the african diaspora (See more)

Educational benefits of this workshop: Raising awareness that an Eurocentric representation of African states in times of globalization is not only out of date, but also reproduces predominantly racist and negative stereotypes. Without contextualization of colonialism, post-colonialism, existing power relations between the Global South and the Global North, schoolchildren / students in Austria are deprived of the opportunity to understand African for what it is. The richest continent, which will, due to its raw materials and natural resources, e.g. oil, gold, diamonds, platinum and titanium, continue to attract global economic interest in the upcoming years.


Desired result: Educators have receive AEWTASS teaching materials that help them identify biased and false information about African countries.
In addition, teaching materials that depicts people of African origin, in an exotic, inhuman or degrading way, will not be used to teach Austrian school children, without putting the content into

Furthermore, educators understand what kind of impact these representation have on Austrian school children with African heritage. Methodology: Theoretical and historical inputs paired with interactive and participatory teaching methods based on the fundamentals of anti-racism work.  This offer is addressed to : Students of secondary level I and II as well as educators for all school levels.

Rilwan Mogaji, MAS

Conception and evaluation of workshops. Workshop trainer

Rilwan Mogagi is a project manager and journalist, with specialisation in International relations, colonial and post-colonial history, intercultural communications, and racism. He holds a BA, in International Development, from the University of Vienna, an MA in Business, European Studies- Management of EU-Projects, from FH Burgenland, and has undertaken a further Postgraduate Program in Business Management, from the University of Graz. Besides having extensive experience as a journalist at Radio Afrika TV, he is a skilled interviewer and expert in report writing. He is a public speaker for MonYoument and Aristoklub and has served as skills facilitator within groups. He has lead several workshops and courses Mr Mogaji’s skills include design and implementation of seminars, concept development, project management, communications, and intercultural dialogue.

Vanessa Spanbauer, BA

((Re-))-telling Stories: Conception and evaluation of workshops. Workshop trainer

Ms Spanbauer is a journalist, with a background in History Studies, and is currently undertaking an MA in Contemporary History & Media at the University of Vienna. Since 2010, she has worked as a freelance journalist for several print, online and TV media outlets, including Taz, An.schläge, Gotv and ORF. At the end of 2016, Ms Spanbauer became editor-in-chief of the magazine fresh – Black Austrian Lifestyle, and in 2019 she worked in public relations for the association ZARA – Zivilcourage und Anti-Rassismus-Arbeit. She is currently working on an exhibition for the Volkskundemuseum Wien as a researcher for the project “Colonial Objects at Austrian Federal Museums” for the Technische Museum in Vienna. Since 2017, she holds lectures in at the University of Vienna..

Nitori Reichel, BA

Conception and evaluation of workshops. Workshop trainer

Mr Reichel is a trained child educator, with a background in in Journalism and Communication Science from the University of Vienna. From 2014 to 2019, he was editor and moderator at VICE Austria, and since 2019 he has been working as a freelance journalist for A1Now and Die Zeit among others. He also regularly gives lectures and workshops at schools and various universities. Since 2020, he is undertaking his studies for an MA program in International Development, at the University of Vienna