Umbrella association

Vienna Institute for the African diaspora – VIAD

Vienna Institute for the African diaspora, is a non governmental institution, that came into existence in September of 2020.
It serves as the umbrella association under which the initiative Advancing Equality Within The Austrian School System, (established in 2019) operates. VIAD provides the necessary organizational structure, management and administrative support for the implementation of AEWTASS´s mission.

Vienna Institute for the African diaspora – VIAD

Organizational structures:
The appointed board members are as follows:


Role within VIAD Name Responsibilities for AEWTASS
Chair Ms. Mag. Aquea Lamptey Project lead of AEWTASS
Deputy chair Ms. Dr. Bosede Baldauf Outreach officer for Austria
Cashier Mr. Mamadou Kone, M.E.S Accounting
Deputy cashier Mr. Mag. Henry Udoetuk Controlling
Secretary Ms. Million Berhe, LLM Gobal Outreach officer

The main goal of VIAD is to optimize the socio-political realities of Black people and people of African descent in Austria, by helping to dismantle the structural, systematic and institutional racism.


Vienna Institute for the African Diaspora

Lassallestraße 20/3

1020 Wien

ZVR-Nr: 1756601688


  Board Members

Mag. Aquea Lamptey


Ms. Lamptey, holds a master degree in economics, she is based in the private sector in the area of product management. Since 2019, she also serves as project manager for the AEWTASS project she initiated and developed. In this role, she is responsible for the organization structure of this, generating fundings, and the team lead. In addition, she organizes various panel discussions with ArtSeeks Communications including the “Who Speaks For Whom” series. Bosede Baldauf

Deputy Chair

Ms. Baldauf is a medical doctor based in Vienna, a specialist in Urology and Andrology, she is a fellow of the European Committee of sexual medicine. In addition to her professional work, she has gained experience within the NGO sector, where she worked to advance the sociopolitical realities of people with African ancestry in Austria. She is a founding member of the “Plattform Gerechtigkeit für Seibane Wague”, where she served as an outreach officer.

This collective played an instrumental role in bringing the case to court and creating awareness for structural and institutionalized racism Black people face.
Her focus is to enhance the wellbeing of Black children within the Austrian civil society, specifically within the education system

Mamadou Kone, M.E.S 


Mamadou Kone, M.E.S Cashir Mr. Kone is a consultant in an international cooperation, Honorary Consul of Mali, Official Representative of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Mali in Europe. He is a trained language teacher, lecturer and project manager. He specializes in development strategies in the fields of education, health and human rights. In 2007, he developed sustainable projects in Mali for clubfoot treatment and is currently a consultant on sustainable strategies for some non-governmental organizations in Austria.

Mag. Henry Udoetuk


Mr. Udoetuk holds a Master’s degree in Economics from the University of Vienna. He is currently a London based consultant in an international software company, providing risk management and accounting solutions for financial institutions. In his spare time, he works with Crosslight Advice to help alleviate poverty through the provision of holistic, end-to-end debt advice, money education and budgeting support.

Million Berhe, LLM

Secretary Global outreach officer

Ms Berhe is an international lawyer, practicing Dispute Resolution – International Investment Arbitration, International Commercial Arbitration, and Investor State Dispute Settlement. In 2017 Ms Berhe established and headed the first Africa Practice in a Vienna-based law firm. In this role, she has been in charge of building the firm’s business in Africa. Since 2012, she has been providing pro bono legal assistance and managing a wide range of projects for an organisation based in Italy and Ethiopia, that advocates for the rights of refugees and migrants in European and African countries, and combats human trafficking and smuggling of refugees and migrants.  She has extensive experience working with SMEs in Europe and on the African continent. Ms. Berhe has extensive experience managing large teams, and managing and implementing large projects.